The Psychotherapy Studio

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Here you can find out about the psychotherapy service I offer.

People seek psychotherapy because they might be worried about something, they might feel upset, distressed, feeling that something has gone wrong in their life, feeling stuck or have lost meaning in life. They look for someone to share their problems with, and talking to a psychotherapist can be helpful; someone who is trained to listen, to think in a sensitive way and to help finding other ways to deal with those problems.

I offer a safe environment, a confidential and secure space that will enable us to build a therapeutic relationship through regular meetings. This brings the opportunity to talk through issues and concerns openly, identifying difficulties that stop you from living your life to its full potential, beginning to explore the roots of the problems and gaining a new perspective in life.

My practice is confidential, non judgemental and respectful of ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, politics, culture or nationality.

I also offer psychotherapy sessions in Spanish.

The Psychotherapy Studio Cristina Vergara López
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
UKCP Reg. Number: 2010161752